Custom Machinery Solutions

Before we began manufacturing the Evans line of machinery in 2014, we had over 30 years of experience building custom machinery at Barnett Manufacturing. Our experienced engineers have designed and built machinery to automate processes like nailing, stapling, cutting, feeding, stacking, and more. Each of these machines was built to meet the exact needs of our customers and our robust construction methods ensure that our machines will run for years.

We pride ourselves in finding affordable solutions that can produce an ROI under one year while creating a safe and reliable solution for our customers.


Examples of Custom Machinery Solutions…

  1. Nailing Assembly Equipment
    1. Assembly Line for Grooved Runners & Dunnage
    2. Privacy Fence Panel Machines
  2. Stapling Assembly Equipment
    1. Lattice Assembly Machines
    2. Adjustable Stapling Machines for Furniture Subcomponents
  3. Job Specific Cutting/Sawing Equipment
    1. Multi-Head Throughfeed Routers
    2. Dedicated Angle Drop Saws
  4. Material Handling Equipment
    1. Automated Saw Feeders
    2. Heavy Duty Stackers

Plus Customized Evans Machinery Products and Much More…

If you need help on this type of project, please contact us today, and we will get back to you quickly to discuss potential solutions.