Evans Panel Laminating Machinery

The term “laminating” describes the process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, appearance or other properties from the use of differing materials.

A high-pressure laminate (HPL) top is permanently assembled by pressure and adhesives. An example of laminated materials is a counter-top or desktop surface and substrate. These laminated sheets go into the process of building finished goods for the marketplace.

Panel laminating is all about efficiency, and the Evans line of machinery is designed to accomplish just that. From the robust, all-in-one 8100 Panel Feeder to the versatile 0257 Pinch Roller, Evans machines provide consistent, durable support for your HPL line.

Our lines allow your operators to spend their time building parts instead of troubleshooting machine needs. Furthermore, each of the affordable options in our laminating catalog can be built to fit your specific situation and need!

0257 Pinch Roller

Evans Midwest Pinch Roller

0259 Pinch Roller

Evans Midwest 1050 T-Edge Applicator

4283 Lay Up Table

Evans Midwest 4283 Lay Up Table

8100 Panel Feeder

Evans Midwest Panel Feeder

4800 Panel Cleaner

Evans Midwest Panel Cleaner

4253 Index Table

Evans Midwest Index Table

4270 Laminate Rack

Evans Midwest Laminating Rack

4600 Heat Tunnel

Evans Midwest Heat Tunnel
Example of a Simple Roll Press Line – Utilizing a High-Solids PVA

Panel Laminating Video

Below is an Automated Laminating Line. All of the laminating lines we manufacture are engineered to meet the requirements of the customer. Contact us with the requirements to your application, and we will provide you with a proposal and a drawing of what we can do for your operation. We specialize in design/build solutions, and we back it up with ethernet connectivity, and top notch customer service and support from our home office in Holland, MI.

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