4283 Lay Up Table

4283 Lay Up Table

Selected Features:
  • Max. Board size, 62″ X 145″
  • Min. Board size, 24″ X 24″
  • In feed height 43”.
  • Out feed height 40”.
  • Water tray for self cleaning rollers.
  • Pneumatic clamp to secure board during travel.
  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Adjustable leveling feet.
  • Foot print, 87″ X 169″
  • Crated weight 2500 LBS. Shipping dimensions 179” long X 90” wide X 55” high

Quite a few of our customers have recently shared that they are struggling with laminating thin 5’x10″ or 5’x12″ MDF boards due to the sagging / deflection of the material.  This can displace the backer board and/or disturb the glue surface, both issues that will cost your time and money.
Our team of engineers have developed a new holding method that actually “back bends” the core as it is suspended over the backer. This greatly decreases the sagging of the material and create a more consistent lay up process. This of course results in better product.

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