What is Pinch Rolling and Nip Rolling?

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What is Pinch Rolling and Nip Rolling?


In the laminate business, pinch rolling (often called nip rolling) is a process where powered rolls are used to press together multiple sheets of material.  The pressure created from running the material through the rollers helps bond the sheets together, creating a tight bond between the material and the glue, cement or other forms of adhesion.

Similar to a bubble in a sticker, bubbling may occur during the laminating process. Pinch rollers and nip rollers can be used to eliminate bubbling and other blemishes. Due to the importance of uniform adhesion and flawless aesthetics, pinch rollers play an integral role in laminate countertop and flat panel production.  

Multiple adhesion methods can be used in conjunction with a pinch roller. The popular Evans Midwest (Formerly Evans Machinery Inc.) Pinch Rollers can be used with both contact adhesives or fast bond PVA’s, which makes them versatile machines and ideal for a variety of applications.

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Evans Midwest Pinch Rollers


The Evans Midwest 0207 Pinch roller is designed to be compatible with post formed materials and has a solid top roller and a split bottom roller. The Evans Midwest 0257 Pinch Roller is designed for flat panel laminating and has a solid top and bottom roller.

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Pinch rollers are often integrated into large laminating lines as one piece of the overall manufacturing process. Evans Midwest (Formerly Evans Machinery Inc.) has a full complement of industrial laminate line machines, to include:

Check out this video of Evans Midwest 0257 laminate pinch roller:

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For more information on Evans Midwest pinch rollers or other panel laminating machines, give us a call at 616-546-8225 or request a quote!